“If I waited for perfection I would never write a word”

The quote, “if I waited for perfection I would never write a word”, can mean multiple things. The meaning i pulled out of the quote was that perfection isn’t real, and nobody is perfect.

That quote by Margaret Atwood, inspired me to look back on how i use to write, and how I write now. When I was younger, I used to write all the time. I used to write short scary stories when I was sitting in class doing nothing. I always thought my writing was the best writing in the world, and nothing was wrong with it. One story i wrote was about this photo we had to observe in English a few years ago. All that was on the photo was a guy holding a lamp in his hand which looked like he was about to throw it, and a lump under the carpet which could represent a person or an animal. We had to create a short story by looking at that image. I turned the picture into a story, and it was about a guy who woke up in the middle of the night because he heard something, and it was a type of monster under the carpet, and he had to fight off the monster before the end of the night.

Since I wrote that short story I have noticed a lot about my writing. My writing wasn’t perfect, and nobody’s writing is. I noticed I had a lot of misspellings and poor word choice in my earlier writings. Ever since I got into Enriched English, I have learned different ways to write. The way I write now and the writing strategies I use now are much more useful and reliable than the ones I used when i was little. I now underline, and highlight words, as well as using margin notes to help me out when I’m writing an essay or a claim writing.

Over the years I have improved in my writing, from bad grammar, to decent essays, to even better writing. As well as improving in writing over the years my love for English has increased as well. The quote “if I waited for perfection I would never write a word” says a lot about how people view their writing and how they write. In the end, nobody writes anything that is perfect or close to perfect, including me.


My first Track Meet

My first track meet happened this past Saturday. It was amazing. There was over two hundred kids that were competing in all of the races. I only ran the 55m dash. Even though the event is called the 55m dash, the race is actually 60m. The reason for this, is because there isn’t a track that has a 55m mark on it. Just a 60m mark. My team and I were in charge of running the meet. To accomplish this job, we had to work events, specifically, the pole vault pit. We each had a hour to work the event, then we would move on to the next team of people working on it.

The 55m dash was announced on the loud speaker. I went over to get ready for the sprint.  I was in the fourth heat, lane three. It went fastest heat to slowest heat. I consider myself pretty fast, but some of these kids were ridiculously fast. Especially the ones in the first heat. I was at a disadvantage. I didn’t have my racing shoes, my knee was in a lot of pain, and i felt like i was going to pass out. I got into my blocks, then the gun went off. I started to sprint as fast as I could out of the blocks, but my knee started to hurt even more. I ended up losing and came in second place in my heat by .1 seconds. I knew i could’ve gotten first if i brought my lighter racing shoes. Out of the entire meet, i got thirteenth place out of over ninety kids. I did good, but i know i could’ve done better. I just have to try harder next time, and hopefully my knee will get better if i put more time into it.


Calisthenics is a type of workout per say. There can be two major types of people in the gym. Heavy weight lifters, and Calisthenics workers. Heavy weight lifters focus on lifting heavy weights to increase muscle mass. While myself, and other people who focus on Calisthenics, involve body weight exercises. For example, when i go to the gym, instead of going and doing tons of curls and bench pressing, i do diamond push ups, muscle ups, and i do tons of weighted squats. While i use my body weight to workout and build muscles, weighted squats are an exception to body weight exercises because it works out multiple body parts at the same time. There are many benefits of Calisthenics. Before i started doing Calisthenics, i wasn’t that strong, fast, or good with my own body weight. I’ve been doing them for sometime now, and now i can do muscle ups, hold myself up on the pull up bar, do double clap push ups, and i almost have mastered my own body weight. Calisthenics is all about getting use to and mastering your body weight in every shape and form. There is a Calisthenic move called the flag pole. This flag pole is where you basically make your body parallel to a vertical bar, and hold and position yourself like a flag. This requires a lot of core strength and upper body strength. I have almost mastered this move. Every day when i get home i do tons of one armed push ups, diamond push ups, tons of squats, muscle ups and practice holding my body up with my arms, like people in yoga would. Calisthenics has many benefits and could turn any “weakling” into a force to be reckoned with. For more information about Calisthenics, i have left a link below.      http://fitbodybuzz.com/benefits-calisthenics/

Distance Vs. Sprinting

Sprinting and Distance runners are very different with the way they run and the events they can endure in track. For example, distance runners do longer events like the 1600m, while sprinters can only handle the 800m at most. Distance runners have had a feud with sprinters for centuries. They have been at war, like fire and water. Sprinting, in my opinion do the more high velocity types of events, while the distance runners take their time on what they do.

Why you should be a sprinter

There are many reasons to become a sprinter  


  1. Lose fat fast with sprint training! Sprinting works your heart and burns fat better than any other type of running.
  2. Build muscle fast
  3. Improve heart health
  4. Save time while building mental toughness. Everyone can be mentally tough, but until you undergo the conditioning of sprinting, by running as fast as you can go for a period of time, you’ll know mental strength.


Why do you exercise? People run for many reasons. There are a lot of reasons to exercise and lots of benifits. 

  1. Better heart
  2. You become more fit
  3. You can get stronger and faster
  4. You become more healthy
  5. You become more confident in yourself.